Let me introduce you to my latest child.




Set to the backdrop of pre-revolutionary France, Aquila is one of the richest men in Paris, he owns the largest theater, and is the world’s greatest  magician and illusionist.   Kalen is a young girl, born and raised in the royal court, young and pretty she has everything life can offer, until the day she meets Aquila.    Fabius is the King’s spy,  he believes he was made so by God, and nothing will stop him from following orders.  Ivy is Fabius’ side kick, though neither of them chose this, sweet and happy-go-lucky, she begins to question her job when she is forced to spy on Aquila.  The four of them are tied together, maybe by the King, maybe by fate, or maybe by illusion.


In my last post I briefly mentioned the name of this novel, saying I want to write and get it published within the next two years.  I thought it was time I introduced you to it, or rather to him.   Aquila.   He’s been giving me quite a hard time, keeping secrets from me.  But through a great deal of yelling and screaming on my part (all in my head of course) he’s finally given in.   This novel is going to be a lot of fun, first of all because it’s going to be working with Steampunk and Alternative History.  And second because Aquila is fantastic, and I’ll explain this more later.

Updates, snippets and character bios will be coming soon.



Every Good Word Tag

A new blog I’ve found and been enjoying is “Every Good Word“, and she has a fun tag for writers. I figured I do it.

1. What was your first-ever piece of writing? I can’t remember how old I was, maybe 7 or 8, I basically rewrote one of my favorite picture books. It was about cowboys…and something to do with Mexico. My mum had to help me spell Mexico.

2. How old were you when you first began writing? Well I guess 7 or 8 and then from that age till about 13 I rewrote many of my favorite short stories. Then at 13 I found out about Nanowrimo and wrote my first full length novel.

3. Name two writing goals. One short term & one long term. Short term goal would be to finish “Imagine Dragons” this year. Long term goal finish “Aquila” and publish it within the next two years.

4. Do you write fiction or non-fiction? Fiction. The only non-fiction I’ve written is school related, and that’s not always fun.

5. Bouncing off of question 4, what’s your favorite genre to write in? Probably Historical Fiction. I love History, almost as much as writing. So combining the two makes for a pretty happy me.

6. One writing lesson you’ve learned since 2013 began. I’m not sure I’ve had learned one particular ”lesson”. This year I have been very excited and pleased to notice my writing get a lot better. Story wise I’m just better at making a better plot. Character wise my characters are not just one dimensional, they’re coming alive more than I ever dreamed was possible.

7. Favorite author, off the top of your head!  Oh gosh…well the first person I thought of was Lemony Snicket. I love the genre he works in, and the way he works with it. I also love the way he makes fun of exceedingly not funny situations. And the way he puts subtle messages in all his books.

8. Three current favorite books. Right now: Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi, Monster by Mirriam Neal and Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

9. Biggest influence on your writing {person}: Hm…A lot of people, Lemony Snicket, Azar Nafisi, all those people who write beautiful books that make you think.

10. What’s your go-to writing music? It really depends. I listen to a wide range of genres. But usually I will pick something in the Indie or Folk spectrum.

11.List three to five writing quirks of your’s! Little habits, must-haves as you write, etc. Music, I must have music, for some reason the sound of myself typing drives me crazy. I need a notebook around me to write down things I need to remember: new ideas, character’s eye color, hair color. I also can’t have people watching me. Writing is a very personal thing for me, you can read my stuff after I’m done, but not before. And heavens no watching over my shoulder! 🙂

12. What, in three sentences or less, does your writing mean to you? My writing means sanity and beauty. I write to get all these annoying, or not annoying, characters out of my head. I also write to create something beautiful that will inspire people to achieve great things.

The End.

I Tried.

For the past few days since starting this blog I have sat down with the intention of writing another blog post. Sadly nothing has come to me. And it’s one of those times when you can’t force the writing.
I could tell you about what I’m working on right now…only I’m not working on anything. I have a dozen ideas flying around my head, but none of them will take my hand and tell me their story. So here I am, sadly staring at empty documents, typing a few words and then deleting them.

I’m sorry guys, I tried.