Let me introduce you to my latest child.




Set to the backdrop of pre-revolutionary France, Aquila is one of the richest men in Paris, he owns the largest theater, and is the world’s greatest  magician and illusionist.   Kalen is a young girl, born and raised in the royal court, young and pretty she has everything life can offer, until the day she meets Aquila.    Fabius is the King’s spy,  he believes he was made so by God, and nothing will stop him from following orders.  Ivy is Fabius’ side kick, though neither of them chose this, sweet and happy-go-lucky, she begins to question her job when she is forced to spy on Aquila.  The four of them are tied together, maybe by the King, maybe by fate, or maybe by illusion.


In my last post I briefly mentioned the name of this novel, saying I want to write and get it published within the next two years.  I thought it was time I introduced you to it, or rather to him.   Aquila.   He’s been giving me quite a hard time, keeping secrets from me.  But through a great deal of yelling and screaming on my part (all in my head of course) he’s finally given in.   This novel is going to be a lot of fun, first of all because it’s going to be working with Steampunk and Alternative History.  And second because Aquila is fantastic, and I’ll explain this more later.

Updates, snippets and character bios will be coming soon.


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