Meet the Cast

It’s time to meet the cast of Aquila.  



Age: 33

Aquila is obsessed with magic and illusions, he’s also slowly going insane.  Growing up the son of a noble, Aquila quickly found out that life is just one big game, with everyone trying to fool everyone else.  Disgusted with people he decided to travel the world, and when he comes back he buys a theater with one thought in mind.  To perform the grandest illusion of them all.



Age: 19

Bubbly, innocent, sweet and a little naïve Ivy joins the League of His Majesties Spies, a job that’s been in the family for generations.  Right away she gets up under the care of Fabius and is sent to the country side of France to watch a man named Aquila.



Age 21

Daughter of a noble lord, Kalen has been raised at the height of luxury, pretty and spoiled she manages to catch the eye of Aquila.  She is moved to his house as a companion of sorts, she doesn’t even know what her role is.  All she knows is Aquila frightens her, but he’s rich and powerful and now she’s one of the most popular women in France.



Age: 25

Spy for his Majesty Louis XV,  Fabius believes he is God’s hand of judgment on earth.  He mission this time is to keep tabs on Aquila, along with teaching Ivy all the tricks of the trade.


The Boy

So this past year I submitted a short story I wrote to Tuscany Press.  Every year they have a contest, they accept short stories, novels, novellas and young adult stories.  If you win this contest then you have the chance to have your work published.  For the short stories they put them together in a collection of stories.  Anyway, it’s pretty cool.

I submitted my story “The Boy”, and I didn’t win.     I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed, but on the whole I’m excited. Which might seem crazy.  But I know I can make my story even better than it was when I submitted it.

This has been a great learning experience!    Someday my story will be published, today just isn’t that day.