Nanowrimo Day 2

Welcome to the insane world of Nanowrimo, (National Novel Writing Month) the place where you write 50,000 words in 30 days.   It’s a simple challenge, you know find a plot, write a novel on top of everything else you’re doing.  It’s also a lot of fun.

This year is going to be a bit of a struggle for me.  The first challenge was deciding what to do, it wasn’t till Oct 30 that  I found an idea.
Here’s the idea:


Everyone has a person, a slave, living in their closet. These people are clothed and fed. They should be perfectly happy. Then why aren’t they? Starting with 4 short stories told by closet people and ending with the narrative of Robin Detree, The Closet People, follows the rebellion and aftermath of the people living in your closet.


You see they all have one of us in the closet. Even if its only for show, not everyone can pay for one of us that is fully functioning.
I live in New York City, I’ve been a partially functioning closet girl for almost five years now. My family consists of a father, a mother and two little boys.
When I say family I do not mean that they are mine in the sense that I am their biological daughter, I mean they bought me, and I take care of them.
This is what I am. I am a closet girl, one of the many closet people. Bred and born for the purpose of serving the family, or person, who buys me. I take care of them quite literally, I clean and cook, I wash and mend and buy and pay bills and take care of dirty children and vacuum and help the mother. I do this four days a week, because as I said I am only a partially functioning closet girl. The other three days I live in the closet.



The second challenge manifested itself yesterday in the form of a plot bunny. For those of you who don’t know what a ”plot bunny” is here’s a quick definition: “An idea for a story that gnaws at the brain until written.”   This plot bunny’s name is “The Merry Picnickers of St. Petersburg”, about a group of hedonist madhatters who decided to raise a child.


The third challenge, and the greatest, is life.   And there I can’t say much else.  I’m traveling to Mexico on Thursday and will be there for three weeks.


I love Nanowrimo (nano), this will be my fifth year and hopefully my third time winning.  Nano is really what got me to start seriously writing.  I love the challenge, I love the community, pretty much I love everything about it.
Anyone else doing Nanowrimo this year?


Wish me luck!

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