Gin Glasses

My new fluffy romance  that I'm writing is called Gin Glasses, beautiful huh?   That sentence was full of lies.  1. It's not a fluffy romance, I have a very hard time writing those...I don't write fluffy romance stories. 2. It's not a beautiful story, at least not at first. The idea for Gin Glasses came to… Continue reading Gin Glasses


When I Write the Ridiculous

Today I was going through some of my writing and found some funny things, and some random things, some good things and some bad things. Anyway here's a peek at some things I've written over the years. Today I saw a man with shorts that looked like a kid's picture book. ~Letters From A Lady… Continue reading When I Write the Ridiculous

Sometimes I Write Free Verse

Skeleton Life was caught, In between fright, And grasps of love. Idle faces smashed against glass, Curious ears listening at key holes, Breath ebbed away. “I don’t want to die!” Said the sunken skeleton man. Hallows All these people with false dreams, Hallow places fake velocity, Dream stops besides petrol stops, Hallow area The spaces… Continue reading Sometimes I Write Free Verse

I Read “Letters To a Young Poet”

       September 10, 2013 My Dear Sir, Your letters sir, moved me deeply, I shall never forget them. I found many gems of writing, and many gems about writing. I admire those writers whose every word is beautiful and poetic, no matter what the topic.  Above all I admire your sympathy to the human condition.  You… Continue reading I Read “Letters To a Young Poet”