What I’m Doing Now

As I have a hard time finishing things, and ignoring plot bunnies, this post is going to talk about my newest project.  Hang in there with me. 😉

Over the years I have gathered a collection of short stories that are just sitting collecting dust, which makes me sad. So I had an idea. I contacted one of my friends and fellow writers and asked him if he wanted to put together a collection of short stories and self-publish them. And thus far it has been going quite well! I started in January and finished today.   My goal was to write six stories, then combine them with my friend’s six stories.  The next step is to do editing and formatting.

I’ll leave you with some snippets.

Jet Planes: Her eyes caught his and he was frozen. She lifted a hand and gave it to him.  Going closer to touch it, she was real.

“Hello there.” She said.

“Hello.” He repeated dumbly.

She gave him a smile that shot fireworks through him.

“Shall I tell you my name? Or do you wish to be left alone?”

He could hardly believe she was asking this. She must stay, he must be by her side forever. 


The Boy: Sometimes when you run from something, when you just keep running, you have to stop, because it wears you out…And when you stop, you realize the four walls that are closing in on you. Where do you go? What happens then?  The boy realized this was what had happened to Mr. Rooney, he had nowhere to go and so it he ended it.  Ending wasn’t the answer.  Then an idea hit him, he thought about it for a long time. The idea was a good one, he thought. He got up, put on his spenders and took out his school notebook, inside he wrote this.

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