I Read “Letters To a Young Poet”

       September 10, 2013

My Dear Sir,

Your letters sir, moved me deeply, I shall never forget them. I found many gems of writing, and many gems about writing. I admire those writers whose every word is beautiful and poetic, no matter what the topic.  Above all I admire your sympathy to the human condition.  You wrote letters to a man who barely knew, and you wrote to him with all your heart. Your advice was genuine and useful.

So I think the reason I am writing this ‘’answer’’ your letters is because I found in you a kindred spirit. A soul in whom my own soul finds peace and delight. Perhaps I am writing to you because I searched and questioned and like you have said: I write because “I must”.

I have to write this letter to you, even though you will never read it.

The last letter you wrote was in 1908, and the letters were published 1929, it’s been 84 years since that day.  How many people have you inspired since then? How many, like me, have responded to your “Letters to a Young Poet”?

You may never know the answer to my questions. You’ll never answer my questions.

I wonder if you’ll ever know how many writers and weavers of words you have inspired…

Never mind that, I will end my letter by saying this:

Thank you Rainer Maria Rilke.

Much Fondness,

A writer

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