She or I?

For me, one of the most difficult things about starting a new story, is trying to decided what point of view to write it in.  Do I do first person? To allow my reader to see into the characters head, to give my reader the ability to feel my character in a unique way.


Just the day before yesterday, Seemoyn Ardalyonovich said to me, “Are you ever, Ivan Ivanych, going to be sober?” A strange thing to ask. I didn’t take offence, I’m a quite man; but you see they’ve let me out to be quite mad. An artist happened to paint a portrait of me: “After all,” he says, you are a man of letters.”  ~Notes of a Certain Person, Frydor Dostoevsky.

Or do I write in third person?  So that I can write the feelings of all the characters, and give a different perspective.

Stone walkway

An exceptionally hot evening early in July a young man came out of the garret in which he lodged in S- Place and walked slowly, as though in hesitation, towards K-  bridge. He had successfully avoided meeting his landlady on the staircase.  Crime and Punishment, Frydor Dostoevsky.

I love both points of view, actually give me any well written book with good characters, and I love the point of view.  I also like it when people explore the art of telling stories.
So what are your thoughts? What point of view do you like?



  1. Personally I like to read books in third person. So I tend to be more interested in them than things written in first. However, I did just read Jane Eyre which is written in first person and couldn’t put it down.
    Depending on what your novel is about and how many characters you have, you could switch every POV between third and first person. I’ve read a book where the author did that and it was great. The lead female was written in first and the male lead was in third. The author only changed POVs when he started a new chapter so it wasn’t all over the place. I thought it was an interesting mix seeing different perspectives. Just a thought 🙂

  2. I have heard other people say they like third person better, it would be interesting to find out why third is more interesting than first.
    That is a good thought, I’ll have to find more books that switch POV. 🙂

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