When I Write the Ridiculous

Today I was going through some of my writing and found some funny things, and some random things, some good things and some bad things. Anyway here’s a peek at some things I’ve written over the years.

Today I saw a man with shorts that looked like a kid’s picture book. ~Letters From A Lady Writer

Meeting a new character is like falling in love.  They say hello and you catch your breath, your head is filled with ideas of what could happen.  ~Letters From A Lady Writer

Today was a normal day. I went to a lonely funeral. Three and a half people, for the sniveling little boy does not count as a whole person. ~Killer Balloons 


Here lies the mortal remains of Anastasia and Adolf van Lichen

Faithful members of The Merry Picnickers of St. Petersburg

They will be remembered and replaced

Died April 7 1857   ~The Merry Picnickers of St. Petersburg 

His name was Emery Miles, and he was a writer.  In his small apartment, which was in Manhattan, he had piles of paper everywhere.  Short stories, diary entries, finished novels, novels hoping to be finished.  He was a man of words.  ~Dancing Ballerinas 

Here I am,

 I watch my lad melt away, like a shower of rain,

 He melts into the sea,

 I can feel him,

 Humming with the tune of my heart and the sea,

 Peace my lad, peace and sleep. ~A Song by the Shore of the Sea 

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