So I don’t really have anything to post about.  I’m having one of those days, okay weeks, when I haven’t done much writing.  Currently I’m waiting on projects. I’m waiting to hear back from a magazine. I’m waiting for the school year to finish so that my friend and I can work on our short stories. I’m waiting for people to get back to me on a short story. 

In short I’m waiting. 

I’m really quite pleased at how much  I have got done this year, and that feeling of accomplishment makes me want to do more.  So of course that’s when my ideas shut down and glare at me.  They know they have places to be, characters to develop, plots to twist. And they simply don’t want to work with me.

I hate writing when I know it’s not what I want to write. 




  1. I know the feeling! I’ve been going through that lately myself… Though with me it was because I hadn’t actually started anything since NaNo, and I was just sort of paralyzed into not doing anything because I couldn’t decide which of my gadrillion stories I wanted to start. :-/

    We must quote Inigo Montoya: “I hate waiting”. XD

    How’s Imagine Dragons doing?

  2. Yeah feeling worn out after Nano is always a problem, even though you have tons of budding ideas. 😀

    Eh, ok. I haven’t finished it but now I’m going back and doing so major editing and re-writing. What are you working these days?

  3. I know, right? Alllll the ideas! But no ability to sit down and write them. 😛

    I’m trying to edit what I have of my latest NaNo and Camp NaNo things (neither finished) so I can put them in the drawer for awhile. And trying to get up the courage to start rewriting one of the books in my fantasy series. And trying to figure out the plot of the sequel to my latest finished thing, because I just started it but shouldn’t have because it doesn’t know what it’s doing. XD Key word to all of those: “Trying”. XD So, basically, dibs and dabs but nothing serious at the moment… I think I’m “waiting” too.

    Sounds good. 🙂 I remember reading some of Imagine Dragons just after last year’s Camp, and it was very… interesting. O_O Keep at it!

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