One Step At A Time


c5e8e58a772bfe0ea1b7025f5e40b2e3Thanks to every who has commented on my post about plotting, it’s been super helpful!   I’m taking things one step at a time.  On one hand it’s frustrating to be going slowly. But one the other hand it feels good to know that I’ve done at least one step a day.


  1. And since I didn’t get a comment in last time, I’ll pop on now and say a couple things about how I plot and hope it’s helpful. 😉

    I usually like to get a rough idea of what the story is about and write a brief summary of it–maybe 100 to 300 words long, basically like the blurb on the back of a book. After than I like to break the plot down into sections, usually 3 to 6 of them, or even more than that, which makes me feel like I understand the scope of what’s going to happen, and can focus on what’s going to happen in each part, instead of having no idea where to put what. Breaking it up into manageable bite-sized pieces, I guess. I also like to make bulleted lists with sub-categories, just a list of the things that happen, sort of partial phrases of reminders of what will happen — that way it’s not too detailed so if I feel like pantsing a little I feel free to do that, while still staying within a roughly structured framework. So that’s how I do it. 🙂

    I’ve been running into some plotting difficulties myself lately, trying to organize some complicated stores that won’t behave themselves, and I’m trying out a free writer program designed for NaNo writers, to try a different system for plotting. I’m finding it interesting…

    Good luck on figuring out how you want to plot! 🙂

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