Light Bulb Moment

It hit me after I had been sitting at the laptop for quite awhile…how long was it actually? 30 minutes? 20?  I don’t know.  I looked at blogs, looked at my blog, pinterest, probably checked Facebook once or twice as well.  I was waiting for inspiration to hit me. I really really wanted to post something.  But nothing was coming.  And then it happened. A glorious light blub moment went off in my head.

Why not post a post asking about what to post? 

Pretty brilliant isn’t?

Actually there was more of a thought process behind that, which I will now explain to you.  Basically I have this thing called a life. It gets pretty busy sometimes, and not so busy other times.    During all times I have this urge/unexplainable need (or desire) to write.  Well, to be honest some days I don’t want to write, but I need to write on those days in order to get stories finished.  Needless to say this doesn’t always work out.   This is a problem.   Answer to the problem? A schedule.  I hated schedules when I was younger, I’m still not a big fan of them.  Maybe that’s  because I’ve never been able to find one that worked for me.   Whatever.  All that counts now is that I’m trying to work out a schedule for myself.  One that includes a time each day for writing.   The writing part of the schedule I haven’t quite worked out.  One thing that I have worked out is that I would like to blog more often.  I’m thinking like once a week I would do a mandatory blog post, probably Monday.  Obviously if I felt inspired I could do it more.

One of the big problems with posting, for me, is I can’t always think of what to say.  I have lots of stories and words running around in my head and yet I still have problems writing blog posts. So back to the beginning.    I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on what to write blog posts about.   I’m open to anything!


Thanks guys!


Those Things Called Humans

Whilst going through my over 150 documents stored in Google Drive I had an idea. In the past year I’ve tried to get a couple short stories published in magazines, they were rejected and I was able to edit them and make them better.   Now I have a pile of this short stories, for the most part polished and ready to go.   It made me sad seeing them sitting there, figuratively collecting dust.  In the spring of this year I tried to work with a friend on getting together short stories to publish, the idea however fell through because of school and general business.     I have no decided to try again, this time just by myself, but with a more concrete idea in hand.

Humans are fascinating things. They are intelligent, or stupid. They are beautiful or ugly.  They can be kind, loving, generous, and self-sacrificing. They can also be selfish, prideful, hateful and destroy the lives of other humans.   But whatever they are, wherever they live, what ever creed or religion they belong too, they effect each other.   Take a look at these pictures.

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Aren’t they fascinating? Each one has a different story. Each one loves and hopes, and dreams, and gets angry and fed up. Each one has a soul.

My idea is simply this.  I would like to write a collection of short stories in which the reader can encounter the lives of human beings who affect, for good and evil, the humans lives around them.   My idea is tentatively being called, “Those Things Called Humans.”


Wish me luck!

Writing about more than Writing

Life has been busy, but I’m again feeling the need to write, to create, to do some dreaming.   So in the next few weeks I’ll be trying to post more. Maybe change some things around on my blog.  Start writing posts about more than what I’m currently working on story wise.   This is one of those posts that happen because I don’t have anything else to say, but I wish I did have something to say.