Light Bulb Moment

It hit me after I had been sitting at the laptop for quite awhile…how long was it actually? 30 minutes? 20?  I don’t know.  I looked at blogs, looked at my blog, pinterest, probably checked Facebook once or twice as well.  I was waiting for inspiration to hit me. I really really wanted to post something.  But nothing was coming.  And then it happened. A glorious light blub moment went off in my head.

Why not post a post asking about what to post? 

Pretty brilliant isn’t?

Actually there was more of a thought process behind that, which I will now explain to you.  Basically I have this thing called a life. It gets pretty busy sometimes, and not so busy other times.    During all times I have this urge/unexplainable need (or desire) to write.  Well, to be honest some days I don’t want to write, but I need to write on those days in order to get stories finished.  Needless to say this doesn’t always work out.   This is a problem.   Answer to the problem? A schedule.  I hated schedules when I was younger, I’m still not a big fan of them.  Maybe that’s  because I’ve never been able to find one that worked for me.   Whatever.  All that counts now is that I’m trying to work out a schedule for myself.  One that includes a time each day for writing.   The writing part of the schedule I haven’t quite worked out.  One thing that I have worked out is that I would like to blog more often.  I’m thinking like once a week I would do a mandatory blog post, probably Monday.  Obviously if I felt inspired I could do it more.

One of the big problems with posting, for me, is I can’t always think of what to say.  I have lots of stories and words running around in my head and yet I still have problems writing blog posts. So back to the beginning.    I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on what to write blog posts about.   I’m open to anything!


Thanks guys!



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