Short Story Project: Update 2

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”-Oscar Wilde I've just finished editing/rewriting the first five stories in The Humanity Project.  I'm almost at 16,000 words!   Now on to the next five.At this point I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to be done writing by the end of the… Continue reading Short Story Project: Update 2


Pushing Through

Can't we just pretend today is Monday?  Yeah, let's do that.  Pretend it's Monday and this post is exactly on time. As writers I feel like are a few things everyone of us has heard at least once from other writers. Stuff like: "Just let your characters talk to you and lead the way." Or: "There's… Continue reading Pushing Through

Proud of Me and The Name Change

This is just another small happy post.   I passed 10,00 words last night and finished the third story titled: "The Circus Manager".   These were the two goals I had to make by at least Monday, and I finished early.    Hooray for me!The other thing I was going to just quickly pop in to say was… Continue reading Proud of Me and The Name Change

Of Imogen Heap, Happy Creativity and Writing Exercises

Yeah so first off, my very favorite musical artist Imogen Heap is putting out a new album and I am so freaking excited about it that I wanted to post about it.  🙂  If you've never heard her you must, she's amazing.  Here are some of my favorite songs:  and Next I… Continue reading Of Imogen Heap, Happy Creativity and Writing Exercises