Gearing up for Nano

Already?  No, okay. Maybe not.  I’m just super excited!!  For those of you who don’t know what Nano is, it stands for Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month.   It an annual contest in November when people all over the world compete in writing 50,000 words of a single novel.

I first stated doing this when I was 13 and I’ve done it every year since then.   There are many reasons that I love Nanowrimo.  One of them is of course that it really motivates me to get a little bit of writing done every day for a month.  I usually come out with 1/2 of a novel.  The community is also really awesome. There are forums for everything.  Need a character name? You can ask.  Need advice on how an 18th century kitchen in Russia might look like? Ask and someone will usually answer.   There is also of course a lot of procrastination that goes on in the forums, but it all part of the fun. 😉   Besides it’s a good way to make friends and start a friendly word war.

In short…I love Nanowrimo!  November is my favorite time of year.




  1. Massively excited as well! I might not make it this year, as I’ll have a lot of schoolwork interfering, but that won’t stop me from trying. I’ve got three or four really cool novel premises in the works, so it’ll be great fun taking one of those and trying to turn it into something more substantial than an idea.

    • Good luck this year! I know how hard it can be with school to juggle. That’s awesome. You should start a writing blog, that would be really awesome. 😉

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