Pushing Through

Can’t we just pretend today is Monday?  Yeah, let’s do that.  Pretend it’s Monday and this post is exactly on time. 

As writers I feel like are a few things everyone of us has heard at least once from other writers. Stuff like: “Just let your characters talk to you and lead the way.” Or: “There’s no such thing as writer’s block”  (That’s a lie.)    But the one I’m going to talk about today is the: “When you get writer’s block you just need to push through.”  They tell you to do something like write a paragraph each day, doesn’t matter what the paragraph is about, just do it. 

I always felt like this was good advice, it made sense.  But it wasn’t something I really did.  I mean when you’re stuck, you’re stuck.  For me I get slightly depressed and upset, because I have all of these words in my head, but I can’t get them out.  Sometimes I’ll just sit staring at my notebook or google drive document and try to will the words out of my head to my fingertips.  Needless to say that hardly ever works. 

So I’m here to say that when you’re stuck, sitting down and forcing yourself to write one small, tiny, rambling, insignificant paragraph works.  I’ve been working on doing this exercise every day this last week.  Paragraph in the journal complaining about not seeing my fiancé, paragraph in my notebook about my plans for “The Humanity Project.”  Doesn’t matter what it is, I just write it.  It works because it unclogs the words inside and starts to give them vent.  Once I’ve opened up door, most of the time everything else falls into place. So try it! 


In case you were wondering, yes that is what this post is.  This is my daily unclogging of words and ideas.  See y’all later I need to do some much editing.  😉



  1. I’m smiling…I just wrote the same kind of post last night. I have tons of stuff started in my head, on paper, in drafts – but just couldn’t get past putting anything together in a meaningful way. I decided just to start writing and posting. Congrats for just taking action 🙂

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