Finishing Up

It’s October 29th, and I’m only 1/4th of the way through my last short story. This story is coming more slowly than I thought it would, but I’ve been planning and finding that I need my characters to go deeper.  This has been really good, because I realized the second main character is barely introduced at all. And there were gaps in the general timeline of events.

My fiancè is taking a creative writing class this term, and one of the things he and his classmates are doing is writing short stories, swapping them and then critiquing.  So sometimes,  he and I will read these stories together. And it’s been really good for me to see the different styles, as well as ways to do things wrong.  Doing this has helped me to take a step back and find similar mistakes in my writing.  Even some silly things as being too vague,  or adding too much unnecessary description.

Anyway, this all ties into my finishing up the collection of short stories, and knowing I need to do more editing.
I knew that they wouldn’t be publish worthy by the end of the month, though I secretly hoped so. I did know, however, that this would give me a deadline,  and give me something to push towards.

Moral of the story is: I’m not done, but I’m pushing forward.  

Good luck to everyone else and their writing.


How does this sound?


Here is the beginning of my Nanowrimo idea.  Thoughts and comments are always welcome.

The world he lives in is ruled by magic and mechanics, and he is simply one among many orphans.  Then one day he is taken away by an old man with a gold cane.  Suddenly our young hero is thrust into a world of violent gangs, a psychotic patroness and the chance to be someone in life.

The idea is kinda like Oliver Twist meets Great Expectations meets Harry Potter. 

We Are Tired.

Right now it is raining outside. The children are trying whisper and eat at the same time.  They are eating macaroni and cheese,  and chicken nuggets.  I will eat later.

Wordless music plays, giving the house a sleepy atmosphere.   The dog wants out.  The children want to talk.  I want to sleep. 

My breakfast was oatmeal and peaches,  it tasted a bit like heaven. 
Oregon is sad my friends, it is grey and cold.  It cries.  Not with the passion of thunder and a broken heart, but with the silent constant despair of someone who has lost hope. The music may or may not be helping.

Let us get some sleep.  Let us rest in the warm embrace many homemade blankets.   Let us rest in peace. 
Let the world go bustling by, like the cars that pass my home, making puddles on the sidewalk.

Tomorrow we wake up.

Unrealistic Goals or Otherwise Titled As a Humanity Project Update

As the title states I have a crazy, unrealistic idea for my short stories. I am going to try and self-publish them before Nanowrimo starts.  The project will have seven stories, it will be around
60 pages and hopefully 20, 000 words.

I’m about 1/4th of the way through the last story for my collection. After that it’s editing and re-editing. 


I’ve found that I work well with strict  deadlines. Which is the reason I’ve decided on this insane goal.
So I have 22 days till November 1st.  Wish me luck.

Nanowrimo cometh


Cut myself some fingerless gloves!

On Saturday my fiance and I went to a local Nanowrimo plotting party.  It was awesome. We got folders:


And papers to fill out for characters/plots and settings.


And as you can see by the picture I have yet to fill out the papers. 
Needless to say going to the party has left me in a frenzy to plot a story, even though it’s only October 6th.

In the meanwhile I’m looking for bloggers who write about nanowrimo.  If anyone has some favorite blogs please share.

Thanks. 🙂


  I’m in hibernation till Nano.  I’m writing in Fragments. Three liners about something in my day. Today I wrote over and over again “Write every day”. This isn’t writer’s block, it feels similar,  but different. Its like my muse is stuck in fragments and that’s all we can get out. 
It doesn’t worry me, at least not yet.  Its different. 
Sometimes the world looks like a story, sometimes it looks like four words that scuttle across your brain.