Finishing Up

It's October 29th, and I'm only 1/4th of the way through my last short story. This story is coming more slowly than I thought it would, but I've been planning and finding that I need my characters to go deeper.  This has been really good, because I realized the second main character is barely introduced… Continue reading Finishing Up


How does this sound?

Here is the beginning of my Nanowrimo idea.  Thoughts and comments are always welcome. The world he lives in is ruled by magic and mechanics, and he is simply one among many orphans.  Then one day he is taken away by an old man with a gold cane.  Suddenly our young hero is thrust into… Continue reading How does this sound?

Unrealistic Goals or Otherwise Titled As a Humanity Project Update

As the title states I have a crazy, unrealistic idea for my short stories. I am going to try and self-publish them before Nanowrimo starts.  The project will have seven stories, it will be around 60 pages and hopefully 20, 000 words. I'm about 1/4th of the way through the last story for my collection.… Continue reading Unrealistic Goals or Otherwise Titled As a Humanity Project Update


  I'm in hibernation till Nano.  I'm writing in Fragments. Three liners about something in my day. Today I wrote over and over again "Write every day". This isn't writer's block, it feels similar,  but different. Its like my muse is stuck in fragments and that's all we can get out.  It doesn't worry me,… Continue reading Fragments