We Are Tired.

Right now it is raining outside. The children are trying whisper and eat at the same time.  They are eating macaroni and cheese,  and chicken nuggets.  I will eat later.

Wordless music plays, giving the house a sleepy atmosphere.   The dog wants out.  The children want to talk.  I want to sleep. 

My breakfast was oatmeal and peaches,  it tasted a bit like heaven. 
Oregon is sad my friends, it is grey and cold.  It cries.  Not with the passion of thunder and a broken heart, but with the silent constant despair of someone who has lost hope. The music may or may not be helping.

Let us get some sleep.  Let us rest in the warm embrace many homemade blankets.   Let us rest in peace. 
Let the world go bustling by, like the cars that pass my home, making puddles on the sidewalk.

Tomorrow we wake up.

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