Nanowrimo Update

Hello everyone!
How’s NaNoWriMo going?
Mine has  been interesting so far. I started out with an idea of a steampunk  world meets Harry Potter meets Oliver Twist meets Great Expectations. And while I still really like that idea I don’t I didn’t feel like I could do it for NaNoWriMo.
Nano is something that’s very complicated for me, I  have to get the right story in order to be able to write it in the time limit. I can’t do anything super deep, or super complicated other otherwise I get discouraged easily. And I find have to put a lot more thought process into something that is more serious and philosophical, which is not a good idea for Nano.
So then about a day before the event started I decided on something else. Inspired by the game Temple Run. I was thinking of girl in a magical world who has to steal something from a temple in order to save her brother who is crippled in an accident. That just didn’t really work out either though. I made it to 2000 words and then yesterday I changed my novel again. So now I’m back up to 2000 words, with the new with this new idea. The idea is this: The main character dies, and then wakes up in a testing run by a girl named Clover. Each test focuses on survival skills and survival of the fittest. The end result will be his life or death.
I have been really liking this idea so far , it is in a genre I usually work with. And I figured out the end which is going to be awesome and something that I think none of my readers will be able to see coming. So anyway that’s my update. I hope NaNoWriMo is going well for you.


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