Roses, Doctor Who and Nanoland

Hey everyone!
First off here is a song that I love, have a listen just for fun if you will. 🙂 I have this song on repeat right now.

Second.  DOCTOR WHO! The finale to season 8 came out today. Thoughts anyone?  Overall I have loved season 8, Capaldi is quickly becoming my favorite doctor.  With his quick wit, sarcasm, sometimes meanness and his desire to know if he is a good man.  I am delighted at the leaving of Clara (please let this be real), we’ve had a love-hate relationship, but lately I’ve just been disgusted by her lying to Danny.  Loved Danny btw.
The second part of the finale had its good parts,  but also just parts that I felt were flat, that could have been so much better. Who else is wondering about the Danny in the future in Listen? How does this work now?  And Missy, loved her evil Mary Poppins entrance. 😀 There were parts when I thought her lines were a bit cheesy, but overall I liked her character.  Thoughts? Disagreements? Agreements? Y’all are awesome.

And now we move on to Nano!  Wow this has been an interesting year. The current word count is around 11k, so I’m behind.  Though not as much as I was. Want to know my secret for catching up? Here it is:

So yeah. I guess I should do a post about my nano story soon? Yes? Yeah. I’ll do that. 🙂

I must be in a good mood tonight…Its like 11pm. Fun times.  Goodnight! Have fun writing away!


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