The Words Cometh…But Not The Ones I Need

November 17th… Oh? It feels like it should be later than that.
I’m reading. Devouring books when I find them. “Shouldn’t You Be in School? ” and “Just Kids”.
I’m writing poetry when I should work on my novel.  But the words don’t seem to come in any other way but fragments.  I dissolved a old faded friendship today, and that’s made me feel lighter. I’m growing a friendship for life with my wonderful to be husband. I may be starting college online, something I never wanted to do. I sit in my attic room and ponder, and write, and muse…
I’m working two jobs, babysitting,  I like the different atmospheres.
Life ebbs and flows.
Life dissolves and evolves.
And I’m guessing I’m writing to you, because the words have to go somewhere.   I hope you don’t mind rambling.


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