Day 2 Reading King’s Warrior


Right now, well not right right now, but rather a few minutes ago I started chapter 2 of King’s Warrior by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt. 
If you haven’t heard about this book,  here’s the synopsis taken from the author’s website (check it out here)

“When Dark Warriors invade her country, it is up to Princess Kamarie to seek out the legendary king’s warrior and request his aid. The feisty princess has spent her life dreaming of adventure and is thrilled to be tasked with such a quest. There’s only one thing that can dampen the princess’s excitement: Oraeyn. The squire views his task of protecting the princess on her journey as an inglorious assignment and makes no attempt to hide his disappointment.Despite a rocky start to their journey – in which Oraeyn throws the obnoxious princess in a river just to get her to call him by name – the travelers soon learn that they must depend upon one another if they are to locate the man they have been sent to find.The adventure merely begins when they meet Brant: a warrior with a mysterious past. He joins their cause readily, his heart smoldering with a vendetta Kamarie cannot completely understand. But whether she trusts him or not, the hope of their world rests on the steel he wears at his side….”

Thus far my favorite character is Brant. No spoilers, but he is such an honorable man and a sweet dad. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. The scene with his daughter and son was so cute.
My second favorite character has been Yole, I feel so sorry for him and wish him a better life.
The only character that I haven’t really liked so far is Kamarie, the princess.  On one hand she seems spoiled and silly, and then the next time she seems smart and nice. I haven’t decided yet how I like this seeming inconsistency. But I do have great hopes that she’ll grow into my liking. 

Anyway y’all, hope you check out the book,  it’s worth reading.  🙂

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