Old Dreams, Dalmatians and Cold Toes

The other day I had the privilege of seeing my sisters and brother in law perform the Nutcracker with their dance school.  It was a Nutcracker Remix, so it was a bit different,  but it was still fun.  I used to be in ballet, ages ago, or so it seems now. The music and the nostalgic sound of pointe shoes clicking on the stage reminded me of my involvement in the Nutcracker. Those days were fun.

I also babysat that night, I got to watch 101 Dalmatians, twice, once the animated version and then the other. It was a lot of fun,  the little girl I watched laughed hysterically through both movies. It was pretty cute.

Also my toes are cold. I’m always cold in winter,  and most other seasons too…I seem to be colder than most people in a room. Which is always fun.  😉 Anyway like I said my toes feel like icicles. I forgot socks. I sincerely hope your toes are warmer than mine.

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