Counting Down, People, and Media Forms

I am now officially in the last day of non-marriedness. No it’s not a real word, but hey it conveys what I want it too, and that’s part of being a writer. 😉 The wedding is Saturday!
One of my bestest friends is down for the wedding, Jenny, Grant and I went to pick her up last night. Also some friends of the family have come in, we now have a house of 22 people. Today there will be picture taking and rehearsal dinner decorating. Cookies will be baked,  ribbons bought, hair styles tried. Busy, busy, busy.







Last but not least, I’m thinking about starting a vlog. Why you ask? Because. Oh okay fine, I have other reasons. One reason would be, I like to experiment.  I think it would be cool to try other media forms. Reason two some days I’m too busy to sit down and write a blog post, it would be easier for me if I just talked to a camera about.

That’s about it. How’s your week been? And I would LOVE to read comments on my vlogging idea.
Thanks for reading.


  1. My goodness. I hardly know what to say… CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope y’all will be very blessed and happy! ^__^

    And vlogs are cool! …I just sometimes don’t get around to watching them for awhile because my internet is slow so I have to watch videos on another computer. But I do like them! 🙂

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