British Book Challenge Update

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The past few days have been a bit busy. I’ve started doing some babysitting at my apartment to bring in a little extra cash.   It’s been fun and hard at the same time, just getting used to a new schedule and the baby getting used to me.

I’m using this as my excuse for not doing as much reading in the past week. 😉  But I have found some more books to add to the list of my British Book Challenge. To find the challenge head on over HERE.

As you might remember these were the books on my list:

1) The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

2) Little Bee – Chris Cleave

3) The Quickening Maze – Adam Foulds


It’s a nice list, the books seem cool and interesting, the problem however is I don’t own these books yet.

So for this month I’m going to be reading “A Room of One’s Own”  by Virgina Woolf.


Right now I’m on page 14 of 114, so as you can see I’m making brilliant progress.   Well, but anyway, at the end of this month I’m hoping to do a vlog review of the book, so that will be fun.

The other book that I am adding to the list (probably for reading next month) is “The War of the Worlds” by H.G.Wells.   This is a book I’ve always meant to read but haven’t been able to get my hands on it.  Thanks to getting married  I can now read it.


Good luck to you and your own reading.  🙂


  1. The British Book challenge is a cool idea — that’s awesome you’re doing it! 🙂 I was about to say that most of my reading is by British authors anyway, but I just looked at my stack and I have an unusual amount of American writers to read soon! o.o Hmm…

    14 of 114 is TOTALLY a lot of progress! 😀 Good luck with your reading and babysitting! ^_^

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