My Family

This post is a confession.  Last week I did a terrible job at my writing goal for this month.  So this post is to help start the week of right, I started a timer when I began this post. 😉

As some of you may know, and some of you may not know, I am the oldest of 11 children.  The second oldest is 18 and the youngest will be born in July.   Yes that does make a total of 12 of us.  No they’re not Mormon, or Quiverfull Protestants, but Catholic.

My dad, Uncle and baby sister at my wedding.


My dad and mum. 



The youngest boy of the family.  All the pictures are from my wedding. 🙂







Four more of my sisters, rag curlers in their hair before the wedding. 🙂 



My mom and another sister.  Yes, we’re mostly girls in my family. Only two boys. 



And here he is, the other boy, the one wearing the white shirt. There is 10 years in between my brothers. 



The third oldest, and a happy little cousin. 




And the second oldest, who actually has a blog here:




So there you go, a little bit about me, my family and some pictures.  And a I didn’t quite make 15 minutes.  Thanks for sticking around peeps!



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