January Writing Challenge Update

It’s hard to believe January is done already. Days and weeks and now a month has flown by so fast.  2015 has 11 months left, Grant and I have been married for 6 weeks,  I’ve lived in an apartment with Grant for a month and I’ve been working.  Life is crazy awesome and speeding away into the future.

That said time to talk about my month writing challenge for last month, and more specifically, how I did on it.  Well…some days were better than others. Some days it was easy to whip up a blog post, or write a lengthy journal entry, or through the day write down 15 minutes worth of poems.  Other days I forgot, some days I was working and used that as an excuse to not get the goal done.

Honestly though, I did better than I thought I did.  I tried by best, and I didn’t give up half way through the month.  I’m really thankful I gave myself a more achievable goal.  And I’m really excited about this month.

 Jan: Write 15 minutes a day.   This is to get me back into the swing of writing. It doesn’t have to be on the same thing every day, it just needs to be 15 minutes.

So with that said here is this months goal:

Feb: 750 words a day, it doesn’t need to be on the same story, just needs to meet the goal.

In case you’re wondering this post is 310 words, and yes I am counting it towards my goal.  With the other words I’m going to start another story story for my collection.  Speaking of my collection I’m hoping to have an update for you guys soon.  And I’m also thinking about posting once a week with what I feel is the best 750 words I’ve done for that week. Maybe…hopefully? Lol I guess we’ll see.

Have a good Sunday y’all!



  1. Yay for fulfilled goals and new ones! 🙂 And you HAVE been busy. 😉 That’s awesome you did so well though! Best of luck on the 750 per day! You’ve got this! ^_^ …And seeing some excerpts would be fabulous! 😀

    • Yup. It’s exciting, new months, new goals, new stuff, fun. lol. Sometimes it felt busy, and other times not. Thanks! I hope it works out well. 🙂 yeah? Cool. I’ll have to put some up.

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