Writing Snippets

So I mentioned that I might post some snippets, and here they are!   The top two are from a new short story I started just today.   And the others are from my poetry document for the month.   Hope you guys enjoy.  🙂

“He’s coming tomorrow Mel.” She said softly.

Mel grunted, “You’ve been calling me every day to count down.”
“You can come ‘round and see us.”

“Remember…”She hesitated to let it surface.
“Remember what I said when we were kids?”


“Yes I remember.”

~The Bathtub


How do you describe water rushing over your face? But not just that. How do you put into words the feeling of drowning.  Playing in the bathtub with your siblings, and your mom comes in.  She does routine. Wash hair and get the kids out, dad is coming home soon, everyone must be clean or he’ll be angry again.

She holds your head under the tap washing suds out of your hair and then she pushes you under the water. Her soft hand is now clamped around your neck.

~The Bathtub



A new poet appears

To have lost his way

Before he had time

To find it.

~The Only Time We Forgot 



Two tumblers turning and falling

Two beacons alight with fire

Two people lost their way forever.

~The Only Time We Forgot


It was like the rain grew legs and ran

Angry little sprites jumped and kicked at the metal roof

Shaking tiny shaped fists

Masses of grey clouds sprouting from their lips

The fairies were high.

~The Only Time We Forgot




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