February Writing Challenge

I’ve been very proud of myself, the past two days I’ve been back on track writing 750 words each day.  I’ve completed two unrelated stories, each exactly getting to the wordcount.

The first is called Peanuts, and it’s about a bouncer and a stripper who go out walking together some days, and about their friendship that’s trying not to be a friendship.  This story just started with the idea of two characters with the names “Muffins” and “Twinkle-Toes”,  and as most do, the story ran itself from there.

The sun was setting behind the auditorium now; this is what they’d come to see. They were watching the last light of that day baptize the surroundings.  They would sometimes go out together, just to get away for a bit.  Twinkle-Toes and Muffins weren’t really friends, they didn’t call themselves anything in fact.  They just walked places together when they were bored.  Everyone has those days, when you have nothing to do.  So they’d go walking places, pick up peanuts or ice cream, take a walk.

“Let’s pretend we’re normal people, eh Muffins?”

He snorted, “What do normal people even do? Do you know? ‘Cause I sure as hell don’t.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice got whiney, “Let’s go down. Window shop. Pretend we’re a normal couple, doing nice couple-y things.”

My second story is called She, and it’s about a crazy woman whose dying, but before she dies, she tells a story that will end before it’s time.   This just came from the idea of writing nonsense, and then developed more character from there.

And I looked out on the other side, away from the plaintive village. I saw the sea. Only the sea. The cliffs, the spay, a seagull here and there, the waves that will never be the same.  She did a good job, her job. Why is it always a woman? I’m dying you know. Yes, you heard right. Dying. Dead. Someday. Soon someday.  Ah…I’m sorry…I wasn’t supposed to say that. You were never to know that news. I was never to let on.  But then I’m going to let you know about a few things, because I will be gone in a few minutes.  And when I’m gone, so then will be gone, all that I know, all the I’ve seen.  You must listen. Even if you do not listen I will say what I must say. Someone will hear. Life is beautiful one moment, ugly the next. Alive and dead all in one second.  Bright and dull. Changing, shifting.

Today I didn’t end up writing a short story, although I wanted too. An idea just never came to me. I did write some poetry however, which was fun.  I had felt that my poetry was growing stale, thankfully I’ve started to learn that when I feel that way, all I need to do is stop for a bit and then come back. Today was a day to come back refreshed.  Here is one of the poems  I wrote tonight:

Now create

It is time

Listen to the spring time air

Hear the voices

Calling to your viens

Now is the time


Now that’s the writing update.  Reading update is not quite as fun this time, as I haven’t finished any books this month.  I’m going to start “The War of the Worlds” soon, and then after that I’m going to read “Slated”.   I’m still trying to wade through the 1734 page book of short stories.  I really wanted to finish it before starting anything else, but we’ll see what happens.  I’m only on page 825.

And now that I’ve completed my wordcount for the 8th, I must say goodnight to those, who like me are going to sleep.  And good morning to the rest of the world! Have a great day. 🙂

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