The War of the Worlds (British Book Challenge)


I just realized what a crappy picture this is. *facepalm*

Ah ha! I finished my second book for the challenge! *Cue dance music*   Dance party anyone? No? Fine…

Okay so yeah here is the link to my vlog for this month’s book: 

Warning, there is one swear word, if that offends you I’m sorry…It’s just the word that described my feelings for what was going on.


  1. Yay vlog review! I haven’t actually read The War of the Worlds… I’m not too into sci-fi so that may be why. XD Interesting thoughts… 🙂

    And yes, I was totally agreeing with you that in classics/books written long ago, it was more about the STORY than the characters. Which sometimes I don’t mind as much, just because it’s a different mode of storytelling, I feel. But I DO like when characters are fleshed out more; though not always necessarily the narrator or MC, because sometimes if I get a lot of fleshing out on them, I’m just bored. XD Because I often feel like, especially in first-person, the narrator is just the camera. Actually that may be why I dislike first-person…

    Anyways, cool review. 😀

    • lol yeah! Poorly done vlog because I still haven’t got used to talking to myself in a camera. 😛

      Yeah. Sci-Fi is a hard genre, it’s really hit or miss I think. 🙂 I don’t read a lot of it, I guess without meaning too I’m branching out a bit.

      Yes, you’re so right. Isn’t it interesting how literature has changed? I wonder why we want to know so much about the character, and readers in the past didn’t. Now that would make an interesting thesis. 😉
      Agreed, sometimes I don’t mind. Like Tolkien and Austen, we didn’t know every detail about their characters, but they developed the characters well enough where we didn’t need that. In the War of the Worlds, the character did random things with no explanation. Like why was he angry at his wife? His wife didn’t cause the martian invasion, he hadn’t even been with his wife for a couple of days. What was going on? Why was that even necessary?

      You dislike the first person? Huh that’s interesting…Sometimes I dislike the first person. I think it depends on how good the author is at writing. lol

      • I think you did great! Wayyy better than I would have done. XD (I’m shy of cameras. :P)

        Maybe it’s that by this time, most PLOTS have “been done”, and so if we focused on the plot primarily people wouldn’t be as interested? I don’t know… I just think there’s more interest in “the individual” nowadays… Maybe people are more interested in people. XD Anyways I have no idea but it is an interesting topic of discussion. 😀

        Well… I much prefer third-person, anyway. I agree, first-person has to be done well, but if it is, I do like it sometimes. 🙂

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