The War of the Worlds (British Book Challenge)

I just realized what a crappy picture this is. *facepalm* Ah ha! I finished my second book for the challenge! *Cue dance music*   Dance party anyone? No? Fine... Okay so yeah here is the link to my vlog for this month's book:  Warning, there is one swear word, if that offends you I'm sorry...It's… Continue reading The War of the Worlds (British Book Challenge)


February Writing Challenge

I've been very proud of myself, the past two days I've been back on track writing 750 words each day.  I've completed two unrelated stories, each exactly getting to the wordcount. The first is called Peanuts, and it's about a bouncer and a stripper who go out walking together some days, and about their friendship that's trying… Continue reading February Writing Challenge

January Writing Challenge Update

It's hard to believe January is done already. Days and weeks and now a month has flown by so fast.  2015 has 11 months left, Grant and I have been married for 6 weeks,  I've lived in an apartment with Grant for a month and I've been working.  Life is crazy awesome and speeding away… Continue reading January Writing Challenge Update