April Writing Goal

April: Write a poem a day.  YAY!!!!  Can I just say I am so super excited about this month's goal?  Because I am.  Like bouncing up and down excited. I love poetry. I always have, sometimes I would forget that I loved it, but in the last few months, this love has come back to… Continue reading April Writing Goal


British Books Challenge (March Edition)

  Since it's already the last days of March, and I forgot I was doing this. Instead of doing a vlog, I'm just going to write a review of it. 🙂 In March I read this book. That's right Agatha Christie! Anyone else think of Doctor Who when you say that name? This book is… Continue reading British Books Challenge (March Edition)

The Piano Man (Update 3)

Day 9: Today was hard...I worked on page 8, I wrote and deleted and rewrote for about an hour but nothing seemed to fit. The voice and narration are really getting to me. Day 10: I wrote 2 pages today. I was really stuck yesterday but I pushed through the hard spot and got past… Continue reading The Piano Man (Update 3)