April Writing Goal

April: Write a poem a day. 

YAY!!!!  Can I just say I am so super excited about this month’s goal?  Because I am.  Like bouncing up and down excited.

I love poetry. I always have, sometimes I would forget that I loved it, but in the last few months, this love has come back to me.   Currently I have over 10k words in poetry writing, which is almost 100 pages!

To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it…I don’t really have anyone to review it who writes poetry.  I write free verse, so it’s nothing like what I used to read (meaning Lord Tennyson, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Keats and Byron) and so far not many people I’ve talked to know what free verse even means.

That said what are my goals for this month?

1) Write one poem every day

2) Finish my poetry book at 100 pages.

3) Edit poetry book

4) Find 5 readers who will make comments on it.


What about you? What are you April goals?


British Books Challenge (March Edition)


BBC pointed shaded

Since it’s already the last days of March, and I forgot I was doing this. Instead of doing a vlog, I’m just going to write a review of it. 🙂

In March I read this book.


That’s right Agatha Christie! Anyone else think of Doctor Who when you say that name? This book is titled: The Mirror Crack’d.

One minute, silly Heather Badcock had been babbling on at her movie idol, the glamourous Marina Gregg. The next, Heather suffered a massive seizure, poisoned by a deadly cocktail. It seems likely that the cocktail was intended for the beautiful actress. But whilst the police fumble to find clues, Miss Marple begins to ask her own questions, because as she knows – even the most peaceful village can hide dark secrets. 


I LOVED this book.  Then again I haven’t found an Agatha Christie murder mystery that I have not loved.  The story was fabulous. And even though the narrator is an 80 year old women, I loved her. And sympathized with her.  Ms. Marple is a dear, she’s smart and she’s sweet, and she’s funny.

The plot twists were fabulous.  Every time I thought I knew who the killer was, SOMETHING would happen and through all my theories away.  It was a fabulous story.

I gave this book five stars on my goodreads.


How was your reading list in March?

The Piano Man (Update 3)

Day 9: Today was hard…I worked on page 8, I wrote and deleted and rewrote for about an hour but nothing seemed to fit. The voice and narration are really getting to me.

Day 10: I wrote 2 pages today. I was really stuck yesterday but I pushed through the hard spot and got past it. I know it’s only 2 pages, but I’m feeling much better about myself.



And that’s where I stopped.  I have a number of excuses.  I was working.  My husband was going to get a job that required us to move to another city April 1st.  Then it was spring break and my three month anniversary. Hubby and I went to the coast for three days.

All that’s said and done. I didn’t get much editing done.

That said I did start. I got reacquainted with my old lovable characters.  I was inspired by how much better my writing is now.

I am glad I edited this month. Even if it was only for 10 days.

I’m not stopping my editing of this book, I will continue throughout the year.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give updates to y’all every once in a blue moon.

How about you all? How was your writing this month?

The Piano Man (Update No. 2)



Maybe I’ll be able to make myself do an update every four or five days? I don’t know, that seems a bit much.  But I would like to keep you all updated better.  🙂

Day 5: Writing on google docs, first edit suggesting changes. So second edit meant first going through and actually changing everything I ”suggested.”  Finished all 118 pages.

Day 6: Was away from my laptop most of the day and so wasn’t able to do much. Ended up re-writing all of the first page.

Day 7: Today was a lazy day but I managed to get in 5 pages. Page 6 of 118.

Day 8:  Today was harder. I decided I don’t like the voice of the story.  I’m trying to decide what to do about that. I’m thinking for the moment, that the most important thing to do is to re-write the whole story to fix major plot holes. Then I can go back and change other things.  Page 8 of 118

Day 8: Today was lazy and didn’t edit anything.

New Books!!

Yesterday Grant and I went up to Eugene on a date.  We splurged a little bit, but it was so much fun.  Grant bought new games, and I bought new books!

Here is my new stack.




I read “The Book Thief” last year and fell in love with Markus Zusak’s writing.  I was so excited to find this book.


Here’s a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages! It looks like it will be a bit creepy, but I’ve heard the story is really good.






Pearl S. Buck is my favorite authoress. Period. Like first on all my lists.  She primarily writes historical fiction set in Asia, and her books are so beautiful.  Someday I want to own all of her writing. 🙂




This book has been on my To Be Read list for…five years? I think…Something like that. Anyway, super excited to finally own this one!






I started this book a couple years back and then moved and never could get another copy. Well now I own it!




And last, but not least, another book by Pearl S. Buck.




Now I just have to finish reading some books so I can start on my new ones. 😉

Some Poetry I Did This Week

This first piece took me about 30 minutes give or take. I was super inspired that day.





Heralded by blame/Don’t let that/Stop you.


This next piece took me over two hours, there was more little words to cut out, and more arranging of the words.  But it was so worth it, this is my new favorite piece.






He said/She said/And the rest is history.


P.S. This is my 100th post on this blog! 🙂