I Came, I Saw, I Mostly Conquered.

“It’s over Sam, it’s done.”  (That is what he says isn’t it?) I didn’t have a gif for this otherwise I would post it. 🙂

Yes! Anyway, here we are. End of February. (Said in 12’s voice) Whoot! Whoot!

And look, here we have a picture of how I did. The “X” on a number means that I finished that day, a circle around it means I failed that day. You might notice some days have both, those were days I thought I wasn’t going to make my goal but ended up doing it at the last minute.  I wanted to keep better track this month on how I did with the writing goal, I plan on doing the same next month.  So yeah, 7 out of 27 days.  Not bad, not as good I wanted. But hey at least I tried every day. I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of myself.

In the end my poetry doc ended at 3837 words, and my 750 doc ended at 3293 words.

And yeah, tomorrow I’ll post about my March Writing Challenge, and then the day after that hopefully I’ll give you all an update on how my reading goal was in February.

That’s all for now peeps! Have a great day.


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