March Writing Challenge

Edit: So today I discovered that my blog has been on a different time zone than I am on. This is why it says I posted two posts March first.  I don’t know how that happened, it’s confusing me. But I believe I’ve got it all worked out now. Yesterday’s post  was actually written on the last day of February. 

Wow, part of me can hardly believe that February is over, it feels like only a week ago that it started.

So anyway (I say that a lot don’t I?) here we are to talk about my writing challenge for this month.

March: Edit one story or novel. 

After going through my novels this last week, I found that there are only a few that I’ve actually wrote to the end, a fact which surprised and saddened me.  So my choices were rather limited, which thankfully made it easy to decide on what to edit.  Nanowrimo of 2012 I wrote a book titled “The PianoMan”, yes I did write it as one word, why I don’t remember.   “The PianoMan” is set in the 1930’s and follows a brilliant screen writer, but manipulative man named Stephen.  The book begins while he’s on holiday with a distant relative in England, there he is hoping to put behind him all thoughts of work, until he stumbles upon a talented young actress.  Attracted by her skills and beauty, Stephen will stop at nothing to hire her and have in his movies.

I’m super excited about getting to edit this book.  It will be three years this November since the last time I picked it up. I like to let my Nano novels rest a bit before I go in and edit.  As you can tell it’s been more than ”just a bit”, but I’m at a point where I can go in and do some hard editing without feeling bad.

Here is my plan of action so far:

Step 1: Read through entire book and check for grammar and spelling.

And at the same time do Step 2 which is: Make notes of plot holes, and character inconsistencies.

After that we’ll see what’s up and makes plans for what to do next.

Wish me luck!


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