The Piano Man (Update 3)

Day 9: Today was hard…I worked on page 8, I wrote and deleted and rewrote for about an hour but nothing seemed to fit. The voice and narration are really getting to me.

Day 10: I wrote 2 pages today. I was really stuck yesterday but I pushed through the hard spot and got past it. I know it’s only 2 pages, but I’m feeling much better about myself.



And that’s where I stopped.  I have a number of excuses.  I was working.  My husband was going to get a job that required us to move to another city April 1st.  Then it was spring break and my three month anniversary. Hubby and I went to the coast for three days.

All that’s said and done. I didn’t get much editing done.

That said I did start. I got reacquainted with my old lovable characters.  I was inspired by how much better my writing is now.

I am glad I edited this month. Even if it was only for 10 days.

I’m not stopping my editing of this book, I will continue throughout the year.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give updates to y’all every once in a blue moon.

How about you all? How was your writing this month?


  1. Ten days is still awesome! 😀 Good luck on the rest! And that’s totally acceptable–you’ve been busy. 🙂

    My month has mostly been spent in editing a friend’s story, which has been a new, awesome experience… but also doesn’t leave much time for my own writing. But I’m okay with that–I think I’ve been needing a break! I still wrote some snippets of various stories and some plotting including expanding one of my series into more books. 😛

    Yay for getting reacquainted with awesome old characters! 😀

    • Thank you! 🙂

      That’s awesome! I’m sure your friend really appreciates it that you’ve been able to edit for her. 🙂 And that’s great you’ve been able to write little bits. Hooray for little bits of progress!

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