April Writing Goal

April: Write a poem a day. 

YAY!!!!  Can I just say I am so super excited about this month’s goal?  Because I am.  Like bouncing up and down excited.

I love poetry. I always have, sometimes I would forget that I loved it, but in the last few months, this love has come back to me.   Currently I have over 10k words in poetry writing, which is almost 100 pages!

To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it…I don’t really have anyone to review it who writes poetry.  I write free verse, so it’s nothing like what I used to read (meaning Lord Tennyson, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Keats and Byron) and so far not many people I’ve talked to know what free verse even means.

That said what are my goals for this month?

1) Write one poem every day

2) Finish my poetry book at 100 pages.

3) Edit poetry book

4) Find 5 readers who will make comments on it.


What about you? What are you April goals?


  1. Awww yay! A poem a day! That’s really exciting 🙂 Will you be sharing any snippets on here? It’d be great to see what you come up with 🙂 I love free verse too but reading Keats and Shakespeare has inspired to attempt a sonnet for the first time in my life. Which I’ll be trying later this month. eeeeeeeee! (that was a nervous scream by the way.) haha 😊

  2. I love poetry! I do know what free verse is; the Psalms are free verse! This April my only goal, really, is to be outside – a lot! So far that’s been working pretty well; the weather has really been lovely! I hope you have a wonderful April and accomplish your writing goals! Thanks for stopping by Majestic Adventures! Blessings, Emma

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