I Have Poetry Coming Out Of My Ears

For real!  Thus far this month has been the easiest and the most amazing.  Don’t you just love it when the stars and your muse seem to align and you have creativity oosing from every pore?   That’s what this month has been.


1) Write one poem every day

2) Finish my poetry book at 100 pages. 

3) Edit poetry book

4) Find 5 readers who will make comments on it.

My poetry from the last few months was titled “This Salutary Truth” and I finished it at 100 pages on the 3rd of this month.    Slowly I’ve been working on editing it as well.   Finding readers seems to be the only hard thing to do. *sigh*  But I’m not too worried. 🙂

Writing a poem every day has been hard only because I want to write more than just one!  Thus I’ve added other poetry collections to help me not loose my mind.    I’ve already mentioned “April”.  Here is my favorite poem so far:


find me a heart

that’s better

than the one

i already have.

The second project is title “Beginnings Book”, it is also free verse poetry, but I wanted this one to look different.  So for this one I’m handwriting!  I’m using pages from an old English Dictionary, and writing on top of them.   Here is a link to one of my favorite pieces of I’ve done so far: https://instagram.com/p/1AAxy_sltn/

The third project is something I stumbled onto on Instgram.  It’s called The 100 Day Project. And basically you pick something to do every day for 100 days (starting April 6th) and post picture of it on Instgram.  I thought this would be fun, and I mean why not? So my poetry for this is titled “100”.  Here is my favorite piece so far:


the bones

of this wild world

are stronger



And yeah. There ya go, I hope that’s not too hard to understand.  I’ll post more snippets later. 🙂


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