The Under Dog And Other Stories (April BBC)

BBC pointed shaded


How did I get it? I bought it at wonderful place called Smith Family Bookstore.

Read anything else by this author? Yes! Several books, one of which I’ve review recently:

Goodreads synopsis: Poirot investigates 9 cases for an heiress, playboy, prince, recluse, and more.

The Under Dog
The Plymouth Express
The Affair at the Victory Ball
The Market Basing Mystery
The Lemesurier Inheritance
The Cornish Mystery
The King of Clubs
The Submarine Plans
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook



What I thought:

I thought it was fabulous. 🙂  Poirot never disappoints. The stories were entertaining, fast paced and I even figured out a few before reading the ending.   Should you read this book? Absolutely yes.   This book is only 192 pages, perfect for an afternoon of fun reading.


(I ended up deciding not to do a vlog on this review.  But I’ll be back to doing vlog reviews next month.)


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