BBC May Reading Challenge

This month was a busy month, but I managed to squeeze in a poem by Oscar Wilde. Now I never been a very big fan of his, since I've only read one of his plays.  However reading this second play was really fun, and now I have a few more plays I've found that I'll… Continue reading BBC May Reading Challenge


May Writing Goal: Last Short Story Update

Wow, here we are. The end of May already.  Yesterday I stopped myself and wondered what my writing goal for May was, I had completely forgotten!  And then I remembered, and I also remembered that I finished my goal days before schedule.  Needless to say that made me very happy.  My writing this year has… Continue reading May Writing Goal: Last Short Story Update

Freedom of April Book Giveaway

Yay!! *Rounds of applause* *confetti* The publication of my poetry book is almost here. The first week of June, hopefully June first if all goes well, is the date! In honor of this very momentous day in my writing life I am hosting a giveaway for three free copies of my book. That's right, I… Continue reading Freedom of April Book Giveaway