May Writing Goals: Update 2

This week’s story was shit.  Plain and simple. I had an idea, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to get it on to paper.  The idea was about a young photographer who ends up being known for his photos of nude people. I wanted this story to be a story of his struggle with his morals, his religious mother’s morals, and wanting to be known not just as someone who takes pictures of scandalous things, but as an artist. Writing it the first time through failed from this first ideal.   Nevertheless I did finish the story, hand-wrote it, at 7 pages. I actually finished it a day early, which made me feel good.

I love having goals that are challenging but do-able. Goals that push me, but that I don’t feel the need to stress about.
That’s what this month has been.  It’s been a challenge to get out a short story a week, it’s also been challenging to just let my stories be shit and not worry.   But it’s been good for me.  I’ve been so immersed in poetry that I’ve lost touch with my stories.  This month’s goal has brought me out of my tunnel so to speak.  I’m broadening out again.

How are you writing goals going this month?


3 thoughts on “May Writing Goals: Update 2”

  1. Its amazing on how much time school can take away from me. I wish had more time in a day to work on my stories. Sadly my book has been waiting for me to work on its pages.

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