The Freedom of April

The past few days have found me feverishly working on adding more to my poetry book. 
Like I said ealier, the website createspace, which is for self publishing,  wanted me to have more pages. So after debating it with myself, I gave in to their demands.
I finished “The Freedom of April” ealier this week with an exultant facebook post. 😉
Then it was on to editing. 
I’m now nearing the end of editing and moving slowly on to fun things like cover and interior design. 


As I’m writing this post it’s hitting me that this is real. I’m really going to publish some of my writing. Aside from the few magazines I’ve continued too, I’ve never done this before.  And I admit for a few minutes excitement was replaced with fear. This is after all my baby. Or rather one of my babies, my project,  something that I’ve poured heart, soul and countless hours of work. My baby will be seeing the light of day. Yikes!

So my due date for my beloved poetry project, to be finished, edited perfectly, cover a smashing hit, and all that jazz will be around the end of this month or beginning of next month.

Wish me luck!


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