Freedom of April Book Giveaway

Yay!! *Rounds of applause* *confetti*

The publication of my poetry book is almost here. The first week of June, hopefully June first if all goes well, is the date! In honor of this very momentous day in my writing life I am hosting a giveaway for three free copies of my book. That’s right, I will be sending my book to three people. 😀

For those of who don’t know I’ve finished a poetry book titled “The Freedom of April”, it’s divided into three parts, written in free verse and has a few different themes.  Daily life, love, freedom in small things are just a few of the topics I’ve written about.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So here you are! I hope you all enter, and share this with your friends. I’m really excited to finally be able to share my book with you. This giveaway is not international. Sorry guys, I’m too poor for that at the moment.

Have a great day everyone!

Edit: Sorry guys, I totally forgot about posting the pictures of my cover! Here they are as promised.  I got my proof copy on the 26th. After seeing it I a) Fell in love with the look, and b) Decided that I wanted the book to be smaller. The size was 8 by 11, but now it will be 5 by 8.  Also the giveaway ends on June 16th. 

coverpics3 morecoverpics



  1. Abi, this looks awesome! Me and Emma have been talking about the release of your book, and were excited to see the cover art released!

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