BBC May Reading Challenge

This month was a busy month, but I managed to squeeze in a poem by Oscar Wilde. Now I never been a very big fan of his, since I’ve only read one of his plays.  However reading this second play was really fun, and now I have a few more plays I’ve found that I’ll read over the coming months.


Here is the goodreads synopsis: Written originally in French in 1892, Wilde’s one-act tragedy Salomé was translated into English by Lord Alfred Douglas, inspired some of Aubrey Beardsley’s finest illustrations (long available in a Dover edition), and served as the text (in abridged form) for Strauss’ renowned opera of the same name. The play’s haunting poetic imagery, biblical cadences, and febrile atmosphere have earned it a reputation as a masterpiece of the Aesthetic movement of fin de siècle England. The present volume reprints the complete text of the first English edition (1894), including “A Note on Salomé” by Robert Ross. It will be welcomed by students and lovers of literature and drama, and any admirer of the incomparable Oscar Wilde

I think it’s interesting that “Salome” is classified as a tragedy, when really the whole play was overly dramatic and comedic. I wonder if this is just me?
When I first started to read the play I was unsure if I should be taking his character’s seriously. “Salome’ starts with a few soldiers talking, mooning over Salome and being annoyed with the Jews. From there the story only gets more ridiculous. I laughed the entire play, which was short (around 30 pages). Herod was my favorite of the characters, possibly because he gets some of the most lines. But also because of his child-like willfulness, one minute he is happy, the next is he is sad and needs to be entertained. His favorite thing seemed to be to do the opposite of what his wife, Herodias wants. Which was very amusing.

All in all I thought it was a fabulous little play, and I would give 5 stars.   Don’t forget to add me on Goodreads if you want to keep up with what I’m reading, or even better so that you can suggest some new books to me!

Also don’t forget my poetry book giveaway, please, please hop on down there, tell people about it.  I’ll give you lots of cookies if you do. 😉 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Awesome, well do tell how your reading this month went. What was your favorite book? Anything you think I should read? 


  1. Yay! Your publishing it!
    I read Howl’s Moving Castle last month, blog post soon, but you should read it if you haven’t yet. it was really good!!

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