Favorite Screen Characters Tag

I was tagged by Deborah O’Carrollto do this fun tag, y’all should definitely hop over to her blog and read about her favorite characters. 🙂

The rules for this tag are to list your ten favorite characters from movies or TV, and to tag ten other bloggers. And try not to fangirl too much…oh wait, no that’s not one of the rules. Therefore let the fangirling begin. 😉

I think my number one favorite screen character right now is Raymond Reddington, from “The Blacklist”.


Raymond Reddington, or “Red” is probably the most perfect character to ever come out on screen. Played by the talented James Spader, he plays America’s most wanted criminal.

Why I love this character: Unlike your normal bad guy, Reddington likes people. He really does, he enjoys making friends. He also is not evil, just to be evil, I mean he does kill people. But he’s not sadistic.  He’s brilliant, he knows what’s going on and he knows what he can get from a situation. He’s also very protective of those he loves.  He’s a deep character, and his lines are just…pure brilliance.


Number 2: The Doctor


The Doctor played by Peter Capladi, I do love all of the Doctors, but at the moment he is my favorite.

Why I love this character: It’s the Doctor. That’s why.  I love Tennant and Smith who came before Capaldi (for those who don’t know), but I loved the way he changed from them into what he is now.  He’s trying to decided what sort of a man he is, he wants to help people like he used to, but he is hurting so much he’s not sure if can.
The feels you guys. So many feels.


Number 3: Lagertha from Vikings


Vikings is the story of one famous life, Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha is his first wife, and is played by Katheryn Winnick.

Why I love this character: Because she can fight with the best of the guys and she can be an amazingly sweet mother. Lagertha is as badass as they come, but she doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. She is who she is.  She’s also the one who people look up to in the village, her people love her because they know she’s going to look out for them.

images (1)

Number 4: Amelie, from Amelie. 

images (2)

This is a French film about an introverted, whimsical girl and how she learns to become friends with people and fall in love, the main character is played by Audrey Tautou.

Why I love this character: Because Amelie is me, in so many ways. Looking out on the world like it would be a delightful adventure, but often to scared to just step out of the door. Amelie is adorable. She’s naive and sweet and kind, and I just love the way she grows by the end of the film. I cried at the end of this movie.


Number 5: Captain Winters from Band of Brothers


Band of Brothers is a World War 2 mini series, Captain Winters is played by Damian Lewis

Why I Love this Character: He’s a true leader. He cares for his men like no one else does, he knows how to get a mission done, and he’s not prideful about what he does.

Lt. George Rice Looks like you guys are going to be surrounded.

Winters:  We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.

Number 6: Ultron from The Age Of Ultron


The voice of Ultron is James Spader.

Why I love this character: Yeah…You guys already know why I like Ultron. But I had to add him anyway.

Ultron: Worthy? How could you be worthy? You’re all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change. There’s only one path to peace… your extinction.

Number 7: Lt. Reid from Ripper Street

download (1)

Set a year after the Ripper Murders, the tv show follows one of the men who on the case, Reid is played by Matthew MAcfadyen.

Why I love this Character: First of all it’s a tv show based in Victorian London about cops, just that makes the show awesome.  Second Reid was one of the cops who worked on the Ripper case, and you can see the guilt and doubt he has about what happened then.  He’s character is fabulous,  and brilliant, with a dark side.

Ried:  She was never Ripper, that girl. But you two, you for profit, you for guilt, I suspect, wanted it so. Now I ask us to undertake this. That we find a little joy in his continued absence, that we cease to look for him in every act of evil that crosses our path. There is an abundance of that hereabout and I would have obsession blinker us to the wider world no longer. Am I understood?

Number 8: Monroe from Grimm


I just recently started watching the TV show Grimm, I don’t watch it often as it is mostly cliche, but I do like this character, who is played by Silas Weir Mitchell.

Why I Love this Character: He’s like a dog in human form. Although I dislike dogs as pets, I do find them amusing as other people’s pets.  I had to add some funny character’s to my list, and he was the first that popped into my head. If you ever need to watch something to cheer you up, I would say go on youtube and find some of Monroe’s best lines. 😀


Number 9: Charlie Crews from Life


Life is a TV series about a cop who was sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Charlies Crews is played by Damian Lewis.

Why I love this Character: Instead of being a bitter character, Charlie is zen-ish, as he says. He’s really funny, asking questions like “Can the truth be stupid?” and then annoying his friends by being philosophical about crime scenes.


Number 10: Willy Wonka from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 


Played by Gene Wilder in 1971.

Why I Love this Character: It’s Willy Wonka, who doesn’t love him? With his whimsical chocolate factory and the hilarious things he says.


Well that’s it, these are just a few of my character characters. Hope you had fun reading this. 😀

And now I tag

My sister @ A Melody of Rohan 

Jessica @ Introverted Randomness 

Mirriam Neal @ Wishful Thinking 

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And anyone else who wants to do it!


  1. I loved Peter Capalid’s Doctor, he was so refreshing after Matt Smith’s idiot version (no offense meant to anyone who liked that doctor. I just really didn’t like season 5-7.)

    MONROE. OMG. You are the first blogger I’ve seen who even watches Grimm! I’m behind a season, but I really loved the first two and Nick and Monroe were my favorites–they’re friendship is so sweet!

    Thank you for tagging me! I’ve actually done this already a few weeks ago, feel free to check it out! ❤ ❤ ❤ https://throughtwoblueeyes.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/favorite-screen-characters-tag/

    • Yes, I’m so glad some people agree. lol So many of my friends have stopped watching Doctor Who because of Peter Capaldi, and it makes me sad.

      Really? I just started watching Grimm. Monroe is the reason I watch the show.

      Oh cool, I don’t know how I’d never seen that post before. I’ll to go check it out now.

      • Aww, really? people stopped because of Capaldi? That’s ridiculous, he was awesome. I even liked Clara more because of how Capalidi’s Doctor interacted with her. 🙂

        • Yes. I know, it’s sad. Oh really, you liked her more? At times I liked her more, just for what she did for the doctor. But I still thought she was annoying overall.

          • I really hated Clara when she was introduced, but I liked her more during the first half of Season 8. In the end, she did become very annoying again, but I applaud Capaldi’s doctor for actually making her likable, even for a little while. Frankly I can’t wait for them to remove her as a companion and bring in someone else. I didn’t like Amy Pond or River Song either, but I’m glad they seem gone.

  2. Winters!!! I just started watching Band of Brothers, such a great show! Thank for the tag, I’ll try to do that soon.

  3. Yay, you did it! This was so fun to read… even though of all of those, I’ve only actually SEEN Ultron! O_O My goodness, I guess I haven’t seen enough films/shows. XD

    I’ve seen the Doctor as played by Eccleston and Tennant, but I haven’t gotten to Smith or Capaldi yet… But that’s cool you like Capaldi! 😀 I’ve heard great things about him. ^_^

    Blacklist, Ripper Street, and Life sound interesting… I like mystery and crimey/heisty sort of stuff but haven’t watched a ton of it. XD Ooh, McFayden is amazing! He looks like he’d be awesome in that role! 🙂

    So much fun! These all sound like really cool characters! 😀 (Except Ultron who I’ve seen and found villainous. XD But to each their own! I’d probably like him if I’d seen him in something else like you have. :P)

    • Thanks for tagging me, it was fun. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Smith is fun, you should watch the rest soon. 😉
      All three of those shows are mature shows, I don’t know what kind of shows you usually watch. Of the three Life is the least gory and has the least sexual content.

  4. I watched Life! That was a great show. I like that he always has to have a piece of fruit in his hand.

  5. […] In the evenings, when we don’t have to get up early, Grant and I also watch shows together.  Ripper Street is our latest, and we’ve almost finished with season 2.  We would have started it last night, but I didn’t want to finish it. That and the last episode we had seen was really sad and I was still trying to recover from all the feels.  I mentioned one of the characters from this show a ways back when I did a character tag. […]

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