What Would You Like To Read?

Today I’m writing a post in between submitting tons of poetry to magazines. So I’m just going to be a little lazy and make this post short.

I’ve been re-reading some of my blog posts, looking at old comments and generally just musing about my blog.  Usually I have a list of posts that I want to write, and I get to them when I feel excited about one of the topics. But today I’m wondering what do my readers want to read?  What would interest you guys?  Are there any tips or suggestions that you have for me?
I would LOVE to hear from all of you guys who read my blog. Why do you read me?

Maybe I should make a poll of some sort? Would that make it easier for you to answer?
Wishing you all a fantastic day.  And don’t forget to check out my giveaway! I have three of my poetry books and there is only 4 days left to enter! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What Would You Like To Read?”

  1. I think a poll would be a great idea! XD I think you should write about whatever you want…although that’s not a good answer when you’re looking for inspiration, right?! lol I find that if I write about what I’m interested in, odds are my followers will be interested in it too. Or else they’ll just ignore me. HAR HAR. *ahem* XD

    1. I’m not even sure what to put on a poll, but you’re the second person to say that so I’m looking into doing it. lol I wasn’t even sure how to before I googled it. 😀
      That’s a good point, but at the same time I am looking to improve.

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