Lady Windermere’s Fan (BBC)


Goodreads Synopsis: Beautiful, aristocratic, an adored wife and young mother, Lady Windermere is ‘a fascinating puritan’ whose severe moral code leads her to the brink of social suicide. The only one who can save her is the mysterious Mrs Erlynne whose scandalous relationship with Lord Windermere has prompted her fatal impulse. And Mrs Erlynne has a secret – a secret Lady Windermere must never know if she is to retain her peace of mind.

This month I read Lady Windermere’s Fan for the British Book Challenge.  

This is actually a play written by Oscar Wilde, but since I don’t seem to have that many British authors on my shelves these days, I thought it would have to do.  The play wasn’t that long, only about 50 pages or so.  It was a very well written play, I would love to go see it preformed someday.  Although I had a hard time not getting furious at the characters.

At the beginning of the play Lady Windermere, her first name is Mary, learns that her husband has been seen visiting another lady quite often, and all of our main character’s friends are sure he’s having an affair.   Lady Windermere refuses to believe them, as she says her husband loves only her. Then she stumbles upon an account book of his that shows her husband has been paying this lady of ill-repute money.  Mary is heartbroken.

Here’s where it gets frustrating. Upon coming home and seeing that his wife has read his account book, instead of clearing up the matter with his wife, because she’s obviously distressed at this point, he starts to yell at her for reading his account book.  Really? Really? 

But wait it gets better.  Instead of begging for his wife’s forgiveness and simply telling her the truth (he’s not having an affair) he gets all secretive and starts to demand his wife have this other lady over for a party. WTF dude. I feel the need to slap this man across the face right about now.   Of course his wife refuses, and that makes her husband only more mad and of course from there the situation only gets more frustrating.  I don’t want to spoil the whole story for you so I’ll stop here. 🙂

Thankfully in the end the everything gets all cleared up, and the marriage of the Windermere’s is saved. Still I couldn’t help but think if the husband had just explained everything in the beginning none of the mess would have happened. But then we wouldn’t have the play, and then where would we be? 😀

Well that’s it for me.  What about you all, have you ever read a book that frustrated you because the characters refused to communicate?

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