Writing Bad Book Reviews

What a fun topic am I right?  No, I’m being sarcastic.  Bad book reviews aren’t fun, not writing them (unless your a sadist) not reading them for your own writing, just not ever.  *sigh*

I guess this topic is coming up for me is because I write more bad reviews than good reviews. Side note I suck at writing reviews (I’m working on it) so I’m not sure if I’d call what I write “reviews” more like “my feelings on said book”.

So why do I write more bad reviews than good? I promise I’m not mean or bitchy or just like to disagree for the fun of it…okay in real life I do both sometimes. 😉 But really I just have a heart of stone. I wish I had a better way to describe my heart, because stone doesn’t seem hard enough.  I feel like if a Vulcan and I had a competition of feelings, I would win.  Name 10 of your favorite books and I will probably dislike one of them.  Does anyone else find this sad? Because I do. (Okay so maybe a Vulcan would win the feelings competition.)    It takes a lot for me to be interested in a character, and to be interested in a story, interested in the good guys saving the day and all of that stuff.  This often leaves me finishing a book being either a) bored to tears,  or b) frustrated that I didn’t like the story.

That said, most of the time, it pains me to write a bad review. Writing is hard hard hard hard work.  Writers put blood, tears, dragon eggs, shooting stars and vampire teeth into their writing.  Like seriously they have to hunt down all of those things, that’s fricken hard!   I often feel like I should put a huge apology at the end of my reviews.  It’s come to the point where I’ve pretty much stopped writing bad reviews at all (okay save that one book because there were incorrect facts in it.)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on a book (except for you, yes you…just kidding.)  When I dislike a book I’d like to be able to accurately express my opinion, because I’m an opinionated person. So now I’m in a predicament. I need to work on the skill of writing reviews. What are some of the ways you guys write bad reviews? Do you write reviews at all?

I feel like bad reviews are a necessary thing in life. Bad is there to balance the good. And let’s face it, until I publish a novel there is no perfect book out there. 😉


  1. I have the same problem and I love to read. I will read trash, sometimes more than once, however, writing a bad review is HARD.
    I’ve been called cold hearted before and yes I get that.
    Writing a “bad review” is like being cold hearted in a way, but like you stated, has to be done.
    When you write how you feel with you passion, whether love or hate, it’s like that.
    I personally have a hard time with it.
    Books and movies. Although I will say their was a movie, “Willard” about this rat dude… please if you haven’t watched it, don’t lose hours of your life to it! It was just BAD.
    See I can’t write a bad review other than to say, “trust me you don’t want to do it man!”
    So good luck to you!!!!

  2. Hmm, this is indeed an interesting topic! I struggle with this a bit because I really try to ENJOY books. And like you, I also feel bad if I have to write a bad review because YES writing is hard! And it’s important to remember that the person who wrote the book is a PERSON. They are human and have feelings too… which is why I think it’s important to review the book, not the author (otherwise that’s just mean and hateful. XD). But whenever I have negative things to say in a review, I do try to soften it a little by focusing ALSO on many of the things I liked. I have to remember that though I may feel a certain way about something in a book and dislike it, others may LOVE it. So… Yeah. I don’t know. It’s certainly tricky! Not to mention, there are of course several books I’ve read that I just… really really really disliked and/or hated and I don’t really want to write reviews for them but sometimes I wonder if I should, and sometimes I WANT to because some twisted part of me wants to rant to the world about how icky I found said book. But I don’t know if that’s good or helpful or not, or just hurtful… But then I sometimes wonder if I would help others like me by putting up a review and saying I didn’t like it. It’s all very confusing! o.o So yes, good for you for writing on this topic! I think it’s definitely one we should all think about. Good luck on your reviewing! 🙂 My only advice is to mention a thing or two you liked about it as well as the bad, or to make sure you say it’s just your opinion and be kinda objective about it like others might like it? I don’t know. *shrug* Maybe I’m just being wishy-washy… >.> But it’s true that writing bad reviews and reading bad reviews might be in some way necessary, but it’s in no way pleasant and such negativity seems to kill a little of my heart inside every time. :-/ And… my goodness, that was a long babble! O_O Sorry… I guess I have a lot of thoughts on the subject. 😛 I guess I can’t FULLY understand what you’re saying because I’m like the opposite of a Vulcan sometimes and tend to enjoy things. XD I dunno… Anyways, great post and very interesting topic! 🙂

    • Lol you’re nicer than I am. I mean I don’t purposely read books I think I’ll dislike, I only read books that I find intriguing. But I don’t force myself to like a book.
      It’s true, books not people. It’s good to keep that in mind, I can think of only one time I was upset personally with an author versus a book. And that was because one of this lady’s characters insulted a people type. I feel like that’s a big no no anyway. 😉 I mean it’s one think to write a character whose racist and show how that’s wrong. And it’s another thing to just insult a people type. But anyway, yes. I don’t believe in personally

      Yes. That’s true. Usually like a minor character is interesting or something like that. But what do you do when you don’t like anything in the book? Lol this is a problem for me too. I’m like I really want to say one thing nice but I can’t think of anything! *Sigh* I guess I just need to think “how would I feel if someone said this to me?”

      Yeah thanks for reading and sharing your opinion! 😀

  3. I generally enjoy the books I read, but one book I read recently and didn’t like was written by a friend of a friend. YIKES! At least I don’t know the author personally, but if my friend asks me about it I’ll have to tell him I was underwhelmed. Talk about feeling cold-hearted… but the book was just bad. The characters were unlikable, the main plot was stupid, and then there was a completely preventable death that was supposed to make you feel sad for one of the main characters… ugh. At the same time I realize that if I ever tried to write a novel, I don’t know that I could do any better.

    • Aw man that’s tough! Yeah it’s never fun when that happens. I’ve had it happen a few times with a friend or two, and I feel so bad for not liking their work.
      Thanks for commenting!

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