Caps Lock in Published Books

This is a writing pet peeve of mine.  I really really dislike it when I’m reading along in my newest library book and then there’s a sentence like this:  I AM A SENTENCE IN CAPS LOCK.


Noooo.  Reading a sentence in caps lock pulls me out of a story so fast it gives me whiplash.  One minute I’m frantically turning pages to see how the story ends and the next minute I’ve thrown the book across the room.

Part of me gets the reason why authors decides to do this, I get that it’s for emphasis.  But the other part of me feels so that it’s unprofessional and…wrong.  It distracts me so much.   It gets even worse if I see more than one sentence the same novel. It bothers me to the point where I’ll give the book one less star, just for this one pet peeve.  To me it looks childish, and I know that’s a very judgmental thing to think. It’s like the author is saying to me:

“Abi you obviously aren’t smart enough to tell if a character is upset so I will help you.”


So why do you think authors do this in published books?  I’m wrong to be so frustrated?  What do you think about caps lock in books? How do you deal with pet peeves in books?


  1. Hmm, I’m not sure I’ve noticed this before… Either I haven’t read any such books, or haven’t noticed if there were. Do you mind if there’s a capitalized WORD for emphasis, or just whole sentences? Kind of like italicizing… Just curious. 🙂 There are some pet peeves I have but I’m having trouble thinking of any right now. XD

    • You’re lucky! It seems like every book I’ve read for the past week does this. One word isn’t so bad, I would prefer the word in bold or italics though. It’s just whole sentences over and over again. I get annoyed if I find anything overused, words, italics, caps lock. It’s just really hard for me to concentrate.

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