What It All Means: By Grant and Abigail Pearson

My wife and I have finally decided which eight stories to publish and even have a theoretical order to put them all into. Over the next several weeks, as each story nears completion (which means being completely rewritten at least 3 times), one of us will be posting about the story and giving a sneak peak as to what exactly the story is about, what inspired it, and how it fits into this collection. We will also need a few beta readers when we’ve put the almost-final draft of the collection together, so let us know if you’re interested.
Here is the list of stories (though neither their location in this list nor their names may actually by final):
1 – Neverland (his)
2 – Middle of the Desert (hers)
3 – Lifeblood (his)
4 – Slip (hers)
5 – Nyctophobia (his)
6 – The Bathtub (hers)
7 – On the Wing (his)
8 – The Boy (hers)
This collection’s genre will probably be considered Modern Realistic Fiction, which basically means the stories are written in the modern style (preset day grammar, comparisons, literary devices, etc), and all the stories could theoretically happen in real life, though some are a bit more far fetched than others.
Some of the stories are more whimsical than others, and some are certainly darker than others, as the subjects addressed in a few concern heavily disturbed people or very traumatic circumstances. The reason for some of these darker stories is thus: My wife and I are enthralled with the idea of moral fiction and the fact that everyone has a choice, which basically means that on occasion we explore exactly how far someone can go before they break. And if (usually rarely) the person(s) are able to redeem themselves or not. Thus some of the stories explore a darker side of humanity that is not always child friendly. However, we attempted to balance out all of the stories as much as possible so they hopefully are still enjoyable. Please feel free to ask questions and comment as you like.


Abi’s Notes: This is a post my husband wrote for our blogs, mine and our combined blog, if you want to check out this other blog you can go HERE.  As always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. 


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