Mad About the Hatter: Dokota Chase

“Curiouser and curiouser!” – Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is an old favorite of mine, so when I saw the cover of this book I knew I had to have a copy as soon as possible.


I mean look at that! That is one amazing cover.   But I’ll stop raving about it now and go on to the book.

Synopsis: This isn’t his sister’s Wonderland….

Henry never believed his older sister, Alice’s, fantastic tales about the world down the rabbit hole. When he’s whisked away to the bizarre land, his best chance for escape is to ally himself with the person called the Mad Hatter. Hatter—an odd but strangely attractive fellow—just wants to avoid execution. If that means delivering “Boy Alice” to the Queen of Hearts at her Red Castle, Hatter will do what he has to do to stay alive. It doesn’t matter if Henry and Hatter find each other intolerable. They’re stuck with each other.

Along their journey, Henry and Hatter must confront what they’ve always accepted as truth. As dislike grows into tolerance and something like friendship, the young men see the chance for a closer relationship. But Wonderland is a dangerous place, and first they have to get away with their lives.

From the moment I jumped into the pages and landed in Wonderland I was blown away by the world building and descriptions.  Dakota Chase does such an amazing job with recreating Lewis Carrol’s world.  Everything is lush, beautiful, dangerous and topsy-turvy.  Wow. Just Wow.

The characters were definitely interesting.  I disliked Henry’s character, he was whiny and yelled a lot and seemed a lot younger than he actually was. Part of me felt for the boy who seemed out of place in his family, I mean he thinks his sister is insane and his dad is a drunk. It’s hard not to be grumpy with a situation like that.  I just never really connected with him though.

Hatter is hilarious, I mean he’s the mad hatter, how can he not be amazing?  From the top of his hat to his cane. I loved this guy.

Plot wise most of the time I felt like things were too easy. I was never worried about the characters, or even wondering if they would succeed. But the twist halfway through the book! Wow, did not see that one coming. I was also never sure why Hatter and Henry liked each other. The romance just sort of popped out of nowhere.

Overall this was a fun read.  I gave it three stars on Goodreads.    Has anyone else read this book yet? I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


5 thoughts on “Mad About the Hatter: Dokota Chase”

      1. Maybe I’ll finish it sometime but not now… I was kind of depressed on how slow the pacing was considering the fact that the characters are made to be witty. But anyways, I’m glad you have enjoyed the book. 🙂

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